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Our 2015 Garlic Harvest is here!


Hardneck garlic varieties have spicier and more complex flavors, although they also tend to have fewer cloves per bulb. We grow Chesnok Red, which is a Purple Stripe variety, and German Red, an heirloom Rocambole hardneck.  Please let us know if you have a preference.

Price: $1/bulb


Softneck garlic has a traditional flavor and stores for much longer.  This is usually the type sold in grocery stores or hung up in braids. We grow Inchelium Red, which is an artichoke variety.  

Price: $1/bulb


Elephant garlic looks like enormous garlic, but actually belongs to the leek family.  This garlic has a very mild flavor and is particularly suited to roasting.  

Price: $2/bulb

 Scapes will be back next June



Garlic scapes are the immature flower stalk of the hardneck plants and they are delicious.  Get a bunch of these for a fresh taste of summer!

Price: N/A

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