Welcome to the Zaino Farm recipe collection.  based on our produce, what to do with your produce, but also love cooking, love the idea of farm to table, and making something really great to share with family and friends.  I will include some of my favorites, some of my own and links to other sites that have tried and true recipes.  I will also try to focus a little on produce that is more uncommon; what to do with kohlrabi?  *alien fruit*  If you have any suggestions, find or make up your own creation using our mushrooms that you want to share, please email us to add it to the collection.  You can search by category, or just feel free to browse.



Here are some recipes, based on our produce.  Maybe make this searchable by tag or category?

Weekly recipe (random recipe? Shuffle from whole database on 24 hour cycle?)  Most popular, most visited?

Featured Recipe: Sesame Ginger Shiitakes with Vegetables